Just Around The Corner

The Paradox Of The Jobless Recovery

5c207b646996f.jpeg Author Stanley Aronowitz
Isbn 1592131387
File size 0.5MB
Year 2005
Pages 176
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics

Book Description:

Americans have always believed that economic growth leads to job growth. In this groundbreaking book, Stanley Aronowitz argues that this is no longer true. "Just Around the Corner" looks at the state of the American economy as planned by democrats and republicans over the last thirty years.

In this book, Aronowitz finds that economic growth has become "delinked" from job creation, and that unemployment and underemployment are a permanent condition of our economy. He traces the historical roots of this state of affairs, and sees under the surface of booms and busts a continuum of econcomic austerity that creates a boom for the rich at the expense of most Americans. He then examines the cultural and political processes by which we have come to describe and accept economics in the US. And lastly, he proposes a concrete plan of action that would guarantee employment and living wages for all Americans. In both measured analysis and persuasive reasoning, Stanley Aronowitz's 'Just Around the Corner" is an indispensable guide to our current economic predicament and a bold challenge to economists and policymakers.



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