Visual Ethics : A Guide for Photographers, Journalists, and Filmmakers

Visual Ethics addresses the need for critical thinking and ethical behavior among professionals responsible for visual messages in photography and photojournalism, film, and digital media. From the author of Photojournalism: An Ethical Approach, published more than 20 years ago, this book goes beyond photojournalism ethics. It discusses crucial contemporary concerns, including persuasion, stereotyping, global perspectives, graphic de...

The Shadow Effect

Photographers know that they must use highlight and shadow to create a sense of dimension in their portraits, sculpt their subject’s features, and add palpable mood in their images. However, enterprising photographers know that these uses of shadow only scratch the surface when it comes to maximizing their portrait effects. They are willing to go to surprising lengths to create dramatic shadow patterns that add texture, a sense of my...

Sony a7 Series: From Snapshots to Great Shots

While your camera manual explains what the camera can do, it doesn't show exactly how to use the camera to create great images! That's where Sony A7 Series: From Snapshots to Great Shots comes in. Starting with the top ten things users need to know about the camera, author Brian Smith carefully guides readers through the operating features. Readers get practical advice from a pro on which settings to use when, great shooting tips, an...

Les secrets de la photo de rue : Approche - Pratique - Editing

Ce projet dédié à la photo de rue est un guide de composition sur le vif, d'attitudes du photographe face au sujet, d'éditing pour sélectionner les images les plus fortes ou participant à la construction d'une série, mêlant aussi une partie historique et juridique, et présentant les travaux de photographes reconnus. Fort de son expérience de formateur, l'auteur aborde le sujet de manière très concrète et présente : - les principes de...

After Hitchcock: Influence, Imitation, and Intertextuality

Alfred Hitchcock is arguably the most famous director to have ever made a film. Almost single-handedly he turned the suspense thriller into one of the most popular film genres of all time, while his Psycho updated the horror film and inspired two generations of directors to imitate and adapt this most Hitchcockian of movies. Yet while much scholarly and popular attention has focused on the director's oeuvre, until now there has been ...

Hesitant Histories on the Romanian Screen

This book argues that hesitation as an artistic and spectatorial strategy connects various screen media texts produced in post-war Romania. The chapters draw a historical connection between films made during the state socialist decades, televised broadcasts of the 1989 Romanian revolution, and films of the new Romanian cinema. The book explores how the critical attitude of new Romanian cinema demonstrates a refusal to accept limiting...

Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale

A fascinating look at the creative life of the hit BBC series, Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale is executive producer Russell T. Davies' personal tour of the Doctor's universe. A unique collection of correspondence between Russell and writer Benjamin Cook, the book explores in detail Russell's work on Doctor Who Series 4, revealing how he plans the series and works with the show's writers. Fully illustrated with script pages, personal n...

Shoot Me: Independent Filmmaking from Creative Concept to Rousing Release

For any film student or indie buff seeking an insider's perspective of the art and business of independent film-making, it doesn't get any closer than this. When the script says "shoot me" and Hollywood says no, your only alternative is to raise the money and do it yourself. Here's how screenwriters Roy Frumkes and Rocco Simonelli used digital video to do just that. Witty, original, and ruthlessly on the mark, this unvarnished look a...

Design with Adobe Creative Cloud Classroom in a Book

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest way to learn design with Adobe Creative Cloud chooseDesignwithAdobe Creative Cloud: Classroom in aBookfrom the Adobe Creative Team. Project-based lessons show readers, step-by-step, the key techniques for working with multiple Adobeapplications. Readers learn what they need to know to create engaging layouts for print and web publishing. This completely revised edition covers new to...